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Meditation CD

Melissa has created a meditation CD to help balance and clear your Seven Chakras using Dolphin Healing Energy and their beautiful sound frequencies.

If you would like to download the full CD or listen to it instantly   -$10

If you wish to have the CD mailed to you  – $12.50


The Real Voyage of Discovery Consists Not in Seeking New Landscape, But in Seeing With New Eyes –

Marcel Proust

“I highly recommend Melissa Samartano’s “Meditation Using the Seven Chakras and Dolphin Healing Energy”. When I have attempted meditation in the past, I did not see the results for which I was looking. Melissa’s CD leaves me feeling at ease and, unlike other meditations, with a newfound energy. A calm energy that helps me to focus on myself and how I am feeling. I am able to visualize my meditation with the aid of her soothing voice and the dolphin sounds. If I enter into the meditation with anxiety or hesitation, once the CD begins, I am easily transitioned into my meditation. On days I feel out of control or anxious, the meditation leaves me feeling powerful and in control. What is even better is that it only takes 12 minutes out of my day, but gives me hours of peace. I believe everyone could benefit by taking 12 minutes out of their day to focus on themselves. Melissa has helped me to do that.”


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“Melissa’s CD was a godsend for us. Both my kids share a room and find it hard to settle down at night. One, in particular, has a lot of anxiety. In desperation, I put the CD on one night and they both loved it. Melissa’s voice is so soothing, and the visualization techniques are easy enough for kids to follow. They both loved the healing dolphins. I definitely recommend this for anyone who struggles to get their kids to bed at night!”