I open my heart center with love to explore the spirit which lives within my body. I realize my body is the temple of my being. I am not just this body but an expression of the spirit in visible form.
During this yoga and mindfulness practice, my
intention is to be totally present in my body, mind, and spirit. When I move in life I move with great respect, love, grace, and appreciation toward my body.

I open my heart inviting whatever arises in awareness. I pay close attention on purpose, deeply moving my body slowly through a gentle sun salutation, without judgment to whatever thoughts enter into the present moment. By intentionally practicing yoga and mindfulness, I pay more careful moment to moment attention on how my body feels and what thoughts enter into my mind. I can live more fully recognizing this as an opportunity to release all my fears of failure, disappointment, sorrow, sadness, grief, loss, or any success I may have.

Because of my mind’s tendency to be scattered and easily distracted, I use the breath as an anchor to the present moment. I rest in my breath during this yoga and mindfulness practice. I try to counteract strong forces of distraction while training my body, heart, and mind to settle down working on the unification of one moment at a time.
During this time I am fully present within myself in each moment. I make a commitment to myself during this practice to engage my attention and awareness in the experience of the present moment.

The union of the body, mind, and spirit is a gift. It helps me connect with my intuition providing me wisdom and insight into better ways of taking care of myself.


Dr. Melissa Samartano, PhD., LMHC, RYT